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Marion Odwar Positive young women

Aurelia Origi

Advisory board member

Marion Odwar is 23 years old and the lastborn in a family of 6 children. She worked as a primary school teacher in the year 2019 and later on Joined Mishkan School of Fine Arts and did her certificate of Computer which she completed in December 2020. She managed to get a volunteership a as a peer Mentor in the year 2021 in Dreams Girls Program which is a NonGovernmental Organization based in Dandora working towards reducing new HIV infections among Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW). Marion has worked towards ensuring that all the Young girls can protect themselves from getting HIV. She is also affiliated with Positive Young Women Voices which is a CBO based in Dandora focusing on matters of SRHR and Gender Based Violence across diversities of LGBTQ, PLHIV & the PWDs. Through the organization, Marion has learned and gained a lot especially when it comes to handling different diversities without making them feel bad in whichever way. She’s now empowered and bold to stand and air the voice of a girl child who still feels unfit for saying or doing what is right to be said and done. Most importantly, She is an SRHR Champion, a Cheerleader and a bridge to girls Empowerment.