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STREAM Network

The STREAM Network was formed out of a 4-day meeting held in Nairobi, Kenya, in the year2022, hosted by Positive Young Women Voices and funded by UNAIDS. STREAM stands for Stepping Stones Trainers Engaging with Activist Movements.

The workshop brought together feminist women’s rights activists who are all women living with HIV, from Argentina, Cameroon, India, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, UK/Ireland and Zimbabwe; as well as long-term Stepping Stones female and male practitioners from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe. The workshop comprised of participants with an age-range stretching from our mid- twenties to our late seventies. Together we resolved to join our diverse experiences, knowledge, skills and passions together to create the STREAM Network and a five-year global strategic plan was developed.

The Network seek a common purpose - to uphold and maintain the SRHR of women and girls especially in all our communities in the context of HIV, irrespective of our HIV status. We all recognize that violence against women, and against children form a key part of children’s and women’s vulnerability both to acquiring HIV and to living with HIV, across the life span.

In the year 2023, Positive Young Women Voices the host organization with the support of UNAIDS, again virtually brought together the 7 countries to localize the global strategic plan into their country’s context. The localization process would see to it that the countries within the network move towards coming up with their own respective national priorities drawn from the bigger strategic plan, making it easier for them to bring on board other stakeholders in a position to support the outcomes of the plan, as well as create avenues for them to efficiently resource mobilize towards program implementation. The network members aimed to hold a series of online and physical in-country meetings to determine what the localization process would look like for each of them.

Through these meetings, they would also identify the consultants they would bring on board to assist in the development of both the Strategic Plan and the Case Studies/ Advocacy Briefs. To continue pushing for the adoption or the continued implementation of Stepping Stones, the country networks sought to develop and share their advocacy briefs/ case studies with the key stakeholders/ partners they felt would be of assistance to them as they strive to implement their in-country strategic plans.

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To learn more about the Stepping Stones training programmes to overcome violence against women and against children and maintain and uphold their SRHR in the context of HIV, please visit the dedicated Stepping Stones website here. This site includes guidelines for adaptations of the programmes to suityour own context, as well as FAQs about the programmes.

Your own copies of the two Stepping Stones training programmes can be bought here